Writing a ‘my neighbor essay’ involves describing your neighbor and what makes him special. You can also choose to describe an event which involved your neighbor. Start by picking a neighbor and event you remember vividly. This will make it easier to string words along as you go.

My Neighbor Essay Sample

When I was younger, we moved around a lot. My dad worked as an engineer so we needed to relocate often. This made it a bit difficult for me and I withdrew further into my shell. I was having difficulty adapting to the people and new surroundings. One neighbor helped me to change this behavior. She is one person I can never forget.

She was an old lady who lived next door. We moved to Ottawa when I was only eight years old. We had a single storey home with a garden at the back and a front lawn. There was a lot of space for kids to play in. While we hid indoors shying away from the world, we heard a knock on the door. It was the old lady and she brought us homemade snacks. The pie was the best I had eaten in years since my mother passed.

Mrs. Branson was a widow of so many years but I fondly remember her as a happy person. She stayed in the house next to ours and we never lacked snacks and warm sweaters. She loved to knit and spent most of her time doing it. I remember when our dad had to make an impromptu trip to Indonesia. She offered to stay with us until he returned. I daresay that I didn’t notice my father’s absence so much because of the love she showered on me.

She took me to the park often and took me to the zoo for the first time in my life. I was beaming with joy and before I knew it, my dad was back. I almost didn’t want to go home. While I was with her, I learned how to knit. I was able to make a sweater for my dolls and my dad was impressed. She taught me about how women lived in the past and how the future is so much better than the past.

I meet Mrs. Branson’s grandkids when they visited once. We bonded almost immediately and I felt like a part of a real family. I looked forward to the next summer vacation when the kids would visit again. Sadly, this never happened. My father had to move again after staying for two years – the longest we have ever stayed in one spot. I hugged her and said goodbye, but it was difficult to let her go. When I was old enough to travel on my own, I visited her. She was older and frail. She was still bubbly as ever. She is one neighbor I can never forget.

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