Full Guide To Write Compare And Contrast Essays

Contrast and compare essays are educational papers where students analyze more than one topic with each other. Comparison means exploring similarities amongst subjects, whereas contrast means to explore their differences. The subjects under comparison should be of the same category, albeit their differences. For instance, it can be two or more cars, universities, or movies.

Excellent contrast and compare papers pay attention to the critical points by explaining the analysis’s implications and significance. Contrast and compare the essay thesis should make an important comparison. Get to know the main theme of the essay and brainstorm your thesis.

This kind of essay is common amongst the university and college students. Professors encourage students to use their comparative and analytical skills and focus on the subjects of comparison. This kind of essay helps students come up with a reference and establish beneficial arguments on the subject.

Getting great contrast and compare essay topics

When selecting a title for an essay, subjects cannot be different since there will be no or little points to compare. It similarly applies to similarities, and this can lead to poor contrasts. For instance, it is good to write concerning two composers instead of one composer. You must select a subject that generates a lot of interest and is passionate about it. We all do not want to encounter something uninspiring and dull. Consider the following points when brainstorming your topic:

  • Random and surprising facts: Choose fun facts that can generate great topics
  • Find categories: Select categories such as economics, films, or animals, then compare subjects within the category; for example, public companies to private companies, star Trek to star wars, or farm animals to wild animals.

The following are exciting ideas you can consider:

  • The difference between EU colleges and US colleges
  • Writing a research paper vs. writing an internship report
  • The differences and similarities between Canadian and American English
  • The difference between a master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree

Brainstorming differences and similarities for essay

Once you are ready with your topic, write a list with two columns with titles of differences and similarities. Write down the significant things first, the ones that are striking the most. After that, look at subjects from a different point of view and add your imagination.

If you prefer visuals, then consider creating a Venn diagram. To create one-draw two circles that overlap each other. The circles overlap, write down the similarities and the differences in the part where circles do not overlap.

For example, if you consider making a contrast and compare apples and oranges. Apples have a thin peel, originally from Kazakhstan or Turkey, with moderate to subtropical climate. Similarly, oranges have a thick peel, originated from India, and fruits planted in tropical areas. The section that the circle overlaps has the following points that apply to both apples and oranges: grow on trees and make juice out of them. Using visual aid assists in organizing differences and similarities and is easier to perceive. Diagrams provide a clear idea of what you intend to write about.

Contrast and compare essay outline and structure

The contrast and compare papers rely on factual analysis. Using two outline techniques will help organize your pints. The point-by-point or block method is the preferred technique in writing a contrast and comparison essay outlines. The block structure enumerates differences and similarities for the subject, and then characteristics and details follow. Other blocks follow a similar approach.