Writing an Essay Concerning Leadership

Brilliant leaders prove pivotal to the progress of the entire globe. Therefore, individuals who can inspire change and effect tough decisions become instrumental in every nation or state at whatever capacity they elect to lead. However, leadership is defined more by the actions people in influential positions take rather than their words. For this reason, leadership forms a crucial aspect when it comes to possible themes or subjects that instructors choose for students to write about in their essays. It helps learners pass their exams and teaches proper leadership skills for the benefit of the world in the immediate and far future.

Leadership essays contribute immensely to your final grades, and therefore, it becomes crucial to understand what it all implies besides the structuring and writing of such essay pieces.  However, plenty of students flounder when it comes to writing these essays. So what can you do to ensure your essay stands out?

Leadership Essay Writing Guidelines

If you want to write a leadership essay and have no idea how to go about it, it would help if you considered the following steps:

  • Understand the implication of a leadership piece. An essay on leadership entails a piece that requires a student to subjectively and critically elaborate on the concept of leadership. It involves studies on leadership styles besides the differences that exist between managers, leaders, and followers. Additionally, a deeper leadership analysis that gets demonstrated within the society forms a crucial aspect of the essay. Questions come varied in a leadership essay as some can ask about personal experiences and examples of how individuals demonstrated leadership skills from your daily life. However, others might ask about a description of prominent leaders besides defining their leadership style.
  • Mind the content. Plenty, if not all, leadership essays come as discursive. As such, they will ask you to analyze and discuss a question comprehensively. Such essays come distinctive, especially in the alignment of your arguments and thesis statement, as they aim to lead your audience into coming to the same conclusion you realized on the subject matter.  However, your organization will stay true, similar to other essay types. The structure should encompass the introduction, body text, and conclusion.

Introduction: It should start strong and should include a thesis statement that asks what your piece endeavors to answer.

  1. Body text (paragraphs). All leadership discursive essays must contain solid arguments, complete with examples and evidence to support. Every new section has to contain a concise thesis argument and should come complete with sufficient information. It can include subjects like the top qualities of an excellent leader, the most crucial leadership trait, diverse leadership styles, examples of brilliant leaders within the society, etc.
  2. Conclusion. The essay’s ending needs to summarize all your points already discussed in the thesis. Here, try and reiterate the thesis statement, though you have to rephrase it distinctive from the original thesis statement.

Tips to Improve Your Leadership Essay Piece

  • Keywords. It becomes crucial to incorporate aspects such as personal features of brilliant leaders like determination, empathy, capacity to lead and follow, motivation, etc. such keywords prove pivotal to your essay write-up.
  • Active voice. It becomes critical to use verbal skills in enhancing your paper's effect. An active agent will put an extra positive spin on your report to ensure you feel a vital part of the paper.
  • Linking words. For your essay to flow correctly, it becomes crucial to organize your thoughts before linking them using the appropriate connecting words.


A leadership essay proves pivotal to the development of a student, not only concerning their academics but the overall capacity to lead and follow post-graduation. So consider the guidelines carefully to become successful.